Is Pre-Planning For You? We think it is...
Everyone needs a favor once in awhile...
May we do you the favor of a lifetime?

We'd like to do you a favor by explaining the seven reasons to plan for your memorial in advance. Sometimes a favor comes in the form of good advice. Perhaps yours came from a school teacher who urged you to study harder, or from a coach who taught you to accept both victory and defeat with equal grace. Sometimes giving good advice is the best favor you can do for someone. That's why we have prepared this list of seven reasons for planning your family memorial in advance.

Reason One
No one likes to think about his own death, but failure to do so makes it more difficult on the bereaved family. What happens when people don't do any planning for their own deaths? The close family members are forced to handle countless details. All at a time when they are emotionally upset. That's why responsible, caring people plan every detail - including choice of the family memorial - well in advance.

Reason Two
Choosing a family memorial is a joint decision. Why should someone be forced to make it alone? Many people find it difficult to buy even the simplest gifts for their spouses. In life you can always ask and you can exchange a bad selection. However, choosing a memorial after a family member has died is another matter. Choosing a memorial should reflect mutual tastes and wishes. It is, after all, the most permanent purchase you will ever make.

Reason Three
The worst time to make a financial commitment is when there has been a death in the family. One of the normal feelings associated with death is guilt. Bereaved persons commonly feel that they should have been nicer to the deceased. Because of a tendency to overspend in order to wash away some of the guilt, no major financial commitment should ever be made at such a time. A cemetery lot and memorial should be chosen in advance by mutual agreement.

Reason Four
By planning in advance, you protect your family from high pressure sales tactics that can occur at a time when they are under emotional stress. Advance planning allows the family to choose a memorial of high quality and lasting value at a reasonable price. This way you can take your time evaluating each possible choice, without being susceptible to high pressure from eager salespeople.

Reason Five
Advance planning assures that your insurance will be used for the needs of your loved ones. Most people don't buy insurance to cover funeral expenses. The money is intended to provide for their family's future. By planning and purchasing your memorial in advance, you can be certain that savings and insurance funds will be used as intended. Buying at today's prices will also protect against rising costs.

Reason Six
Advance planning assures a memorial of the quality you desire. It is hard to believe there is such as thing as inferior stone. But many memorial stones have a tendency to discolor over the years. How do you guard against this? All you need to do is select a granite memorial offered by a reputable monument dealer. Monument dealers are knowledgeable about stone and will speak candidly with you about choosing your memorial in advance. Look for a guarantee that certifies the dealer will remedy a discoloration problem at no cost should one occur.

Reason Seven
There is no such thing as an "expected death." The time to act is now. All of us die "unexpectedly". Even those who have cared for the terminally ill will tell you that every death comes as something of a shock. This is why you should not delay planning for the events and necessities associated with death.


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