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Our Staff at Kol-Rocklea Memorials understands memories are beautiful, personal and precious. We are sensitive and responsive to your particular situation whether you have an immediate need during your time of sorrow and loss, or you are pre-planning for the future.
  • Let Kol-Rocklea Memorials help you turn Memories into Memorials - Although no one can separate you from your memories, nevertheless, they are intangible. How can you express them to others? How do you make your memories last beyond your own lifetime?
    • There is a way to give form, shape and substance to your memories, and at the same time express the love you feel for that special person.
    • Kol-Rocklea Memorials can help you commemorate life and make the memories permanent through a memorial. We'll assist you to create a monument to that special life.
    • Almost everything you remember - and want remembered - about your loved one can be incorporated into the design of a memorial. Professionals at Kol-Rocklea Memorials can show you how.
  • Personally designed Kol-Rocklea memorials give permanent expression to your cherished memories - A monument, crafted by skilled artisans of granite, marble or bronze - materials whose permanence has been tested by time - can be designed to depict the very things you remember most. With reverence. With silent dignity.
    • The marriage bonds are often expressed by intertwining rings.
    • Flowers have a language all their own to express many personality and character traits.
    • The cross, used either as the actual shape of the memorial, or as a decoration states that this person was a Christian, while the Celtic cross beautifully proclaims one's Irish ancestry.
    • A Star of David on a memorial affirms the Jewish religion. There are many other symbols to record one's faith, and this may be further emphasized through a quotation from Scripture.
    • Fraternal emblems are widely used on memorials because these affiliations are often an integral part of the person's life.
  • Kol-Rocklea can help you think about the option of Cremation. Whether cremation or earthen interment becomes your choice following death and the funeral, the monument is no less important.
    • Should cremation be selected, most likely you will still bury the ashes, and you will want to place a memorial in a cemetery that allows you this freedom of expression.
    • But cremation also offers a broader choice for the placement of a memorial. It can even be on your own property, perhaps at a summer home, on the lake or in the woods.
  • Kol-Rocklea Memorials can advise you in selecting a Cemetery also. While working on your memorial design, we can help you with the selection of a cemetery plot that will accommodate this monument. Having worked with all the region's cemeteries, we know the rules and regulations of the cemeteries in your area and can advise you of limitations and restrictions during the design phase.

Our years of extensive experience and our true desire to provide you with a personal lasting memorial is what we call the Kol-Rocklea Advantage... we are here for you.

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